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Template Manager


The Template Manager allows you to manage each CSiDonate donation template.

For an overview of what templates are, please refer to the Templates concept article.


Template Name

You can change the name you originally gave to this template here.

Template Description

Enter a description for the template. This description is used if this template is listed on the Donor Wall as a Featured Template.

Create Alias for Campaign

Enabling this option allows you to create a URL alias for this template.

It is always recommended to create an alias for your template, so that users always have a short, friendly URL to share and visit.

Two templates cannot have the same alias.

Text to Give Code PLUS

If Text to Give is enabled and set up, enter a short alphanumeric code to use as this template's text identifier.

Users can text this code to your text number to receive a link to this template.

Good examples of text codes are GIVEGIVINGTUESCONV19, or FOUNDERS.

Active From / Active Thru

If a date (and, optionally, a time) is specified here, the template will only be active from and/or through that time period.

You can use this feature to:

  • Set up a template and send the URL to donors, that is not usable yet, but will activate at a specific date and time

  • Deactivate a template automatically after a campaign period has ended

  • Run a Challenge CROWDFUNDING for a specific amount of time

Dates and times are in your server's local time.

Donors who visit a template that is inactive are greeted with the following message:

The Make a Donation button links to the site root, which will load the default template set up in System Settings > General > Default Template, or the Giving Dashboard CROWDFUNDING if that option is enabled instead.

It is not currently possible to customize the page that the Make a Donation button links to.

Is a Featured Template

Enable this option to indicate that this template is a Featured Template.

Featured templates can be listed on the Donor Wall.

You can also click the icon in the Template List to toggle the Featured Template option on or off.

Include Net ID Sample

This option includes a Net ID sample in the generated template URLs.

This option is not required if you are using the Net ID feature. It only exists to provide a sample in the URL. Net IDs always work.

Template Mode

Refer to the Templates guide for supported template modes.

Template URLs

The following URLs are generated and displayed when saving a CSiDonate template:

URL Type



Primary URL

This is the "permalink" or primary URL of a template. It contains an 8-digit code that uniquely identifies this template.

Aliases redirect to this URL.

Alias URL

If you elected to create an alias for this template, the Alias URL is displayed here. This is always in the format https://<Giving Base URL>/<Alias Name>

Rapid Entry Access Code

If Rapid Entry Mode is enabled, this field displays the unique Access Code which users of Rapid Entry are required to enter in order to use the system.


Rapid Entry URL

If Rapid Entry Mode is enabled, this field displays the CSiDonate Rapid Entry page.

Note: This URL is the same for all templates. The Access Code above determines which template settings are loaded.

View Ambassador Links CROWDFUNDING

Clicking this link will open a popup window containing a list of links for this template, each unique to the currently active ambassadors. For more information, refer to the Ambassadors article.


Financial Settings

Single Payment Financial Account

Select the financial account that will be used when users make a single, one-time donation using this template. Refer to the Financial Accounts overview page for more information on setting up different financial accounts.

Recurring Payment Financial Account

Select the financial account that will be used when users make a recurring donation using this template. Refer to the Financial Accounts overview page for more information on setting up different financial accounts.

If you are not using recurring donations, this option can be the same as the single payment financial account option above. This setting won't be used in this case.

Payment Settings


Select an amount array. Refer to the Gen Tables page for how to set up the appropriate gen table in iMIS to populate these options.

Disable ACH payments

Check this box to disable ACH payments on this form. You cannot check both this box and the Disable Credit Cards box.

Only applies when the payment service is BluePay.

Disable credit card payments

Check this box to disable Credit Card payments on this form. This can be used to only accept ACH payments on a template. You cannot check both this box and the Disable ACH box.

Only applies when the payment service is BluePay.

Enable EMV card reader support

Check this box to enable USB credit card reader support on this form.

Refer to Using an EMV Card Reader with CSiDonate for more information.

Allow donors to cover transaction fees 

Enable this option to allow donors to cover transaction fees.

Credit card fee settings must be set up in the currently active Financial Account before this option can be enabled.

Covering transaction fees is, effectively, the donor electing to increase their total donation amount. It is more of a "feel good" option that has the potential to bring in additional funds. Due to requirements by Visa and MasterCard, CSiDonate cannot separate the gift from the processing fees, and you are still charged processing fees on top of the donor's total gift amount.

Effectively, you must treat the gift as a $103.25 donation instead of a $100.00 donation. There can be no distinction from a financial/accounting perspective.

We offer reporting data to view the differences in amounts for those donors that elected to increase their donation, however, this data is only for analytic purposes to show the amount of additional funds that were received by the checkbox being offered on the donation form.

Enable covering transaction fees by default

If checked, the "Cover Transaction Fees" checkbox will be enabled by default when the donation form is first loaded. The donor can still choose to un-check the checkbox.

Recurring Settings

Recurring Mode

Select one of the following options:

  • None: Recurring donations are disabled.

  • Basic pledges: CSiDonate will create a pledge in iMIS and use the donation from this gift as the payment for the first pledge installment.

  • Recurring Pledges (Accrual): CSiDonate will create a pledge in iMIS, using BluePay as the payment gateway, and subsequent pledge installments will be paid automatically by a matching BluePay recurring payment plan.

  • Recurring Donations (Cash): This template will allow users to create a recurring donation plan via BluePay. Subsequent automatic payments are imported into iMIS automatically via an automated service call to CSiDonate.

Allow Recurring Donations

Select one or more of the following options to allow donors on this template to give using these frequencies:

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Semi-Annually (Every 6 Months)

  • Yearly

Enable Pledge / Recurring Option By Default

Check this box to check the "Create Pledge" or "Create Recurring Donation" option by default when the donation page first loads.

Allow Donor to Limit the Number of Occurrences

If checked, donors are able to select how many times their recurring gift repeats - for example, 6 months, or 4 years.

If not checked, donors are not able to select how often the recurring gift repeats - the recurring plan is considered unlimited.

Default Occurrence Selection

Enter a number here to default the recurring gift repeat selection box to a specific number. For example, if 12 is entered, the dropdown may default to "12 months" or "12 quarters" depending on the frequency settings.

Min/Max Occurrences

Enter numbers only for optionally limiting the minimum and maximum number of occurrences.

Examples of this include:

  • Limiting a recurring donation to a minimum of 6 months

  • Limiting a recurring donation to between 12 and 24 months

  • Entering the same number into both fields (e.g. 12) limits the field to only that number and cannot be changed - this is great for monthly recurring donation clubs that require an annual committment but allows donors to make monthly payments

Also allow 'with no end date' option

If checked, the number of occurrences dropdown will have an additional value at the top which says "with no end date" (language is customizable on the Text and Content page).

This allows donors to set up either a limited or unlimited recurring donation plan using the same template.

Fundraising Settings

Distribution Selection

Select one of the following options for which distribution should be used for donations via this template:

  • All Distributions: A dropdown list is displayed to the donor containing all configured distributions in the configured Gen Table. Donors can donate to any of these distributions.

  • Single Distribution: No dropdown is displayed to the donor. All donations will be entered into this distribution.

  • Distributions by Interest Code: A dropdown list is displayed to the donor containing all configured distributions in the configured Gen Table, but filtered to only include distributions that are in the selected iMIS Interest Code. Donors can donate to any of these distributions.

  • User-defined Tree: Allows you to define a fund selector for the donation form that is a collapsible tree as well as set a default distribution from the tree list.  Refer to the documentation on fund trees for setting up a custom fund tree display. 

Override Campaign Code

If checked, the selected campaign code is used for donations via this template. This overrides the default campaign code that may be present on the currently selected distribution code.

Override Appeal Code

If checked, the selected appeal code is used for donations via this template. This overrides the default appeal code that may be present on the currently selected distribution code.

Soft Credit ID

If you enter a valid iMIS ID into this box, all donations made using this donation template will also apply a 100% soft credit to the designated iMIS ID.


Visual Settings

Header Text

Select the large header text that will display on the top of the donation form.

Click the Pre-populated Values link to insert pre-defined placeholder text from the IDONATE_HEADER_TEXT gen table.

Leave blank to not render any header text.

Page Description

Formerly known as "Giving Text". Enter any text into the WYSIWYG editor that should display on the top of the donation form.

Click the Pre-populated Values link to insert pre-defined placeholder text from the IDONATE_GIVING_TEXT gen table.

Leave blank to not render the description area.

Dynamic SQL

To render Dynamic SQL for the description, enter a SQL command surrounded by triple curly braces. Stored procedures can take an @ID parameter that is the currently logged in donor.

For example, if you have a stored procedure called sp_GetSampleGivingText, you can enter the following content into the WYSIWYG editor:

{{{ exec sp_GetSampleGivingText @ID }}}

This will run the stored procedure and output the data in the first row and first column of the result. You may optionally return HTML from the stored procedure for additional flexibility.

If this template is in Ambassador mode, click the Ambassador Variables link to show the available ambassador replacement tokens. Clicking one of the tokens will copy it to the clipboard, then simply Paste (Ctrl + V) the token into the editor where you want that text to appear.

Alternate Stylesheet

If checked, the system will include the selected CSS file into the donation form source.

Alternate stylesheets are always loaded after the main CSiDonate style.

Custom CSS files can be created in the /CSS/ folder inside the CSiDonate installation directory.

Don't forget to let CSI know if you create or update any additional CSS files. Otherwise, they may get deleted or overwritten during a patch!

Never modify the csidonate.css or csidonate.min.css files, as these are pre-compiled files that CSI maintains and deploys as part of patches. Always use a secondary CSS file or the Custom CSS field in the System Settings for CSS overrides!

Only Load Alternate Stylesheet

If checked, only the alternate CSS file selected above will be loaded. No CSiDonate style will be loaded onto the page.

Only use this option if you have fully styled the entire CSiDonate donation form and web receipt page.

Tribute Settings

Tribute Mode

Specify the tribute mode available for this template

  • None

  • Single Tribute

  • Multiple Tributes CROWDFUNDING

Single Tribute: Enable Optional Tribute Notification (Contact Form)

If checked, the donor can enter a tribute notification contact.

If not checked, the donor is only allowed to select the tribute type and enter the honoree text.

Refer to the Tributes concept page for more information about this setting.

Single Tribute: Show Memorial Notice

If checked, shows a small text label reminding donors not to select "In Memory Of" unless the person they are honoring is deceased.

Multiple Tributes: Max number of tributes CROWDFUNDING

Enter the absolute maximum number of tributes that a donor can enter on this donation form.

Due to performance concerns, the system limit is 25 tributes.

Multiple Tributes: Enable price per tribute slot CROWDFUNDING

If checked, the donor will only be allowed to enter one tribute for each bracket of dollar amount specified here.

For example, if 5.00 is entered, and the donor chooses a $15.00 donation amount, then they will be able to enter three tributes.

This setting respects the Max number of tributes setting above, so in the previous example, if your Max number of tributes is set to 5, and the donor makes a $50.00 donation with each tribute unlocking every $5.00, they will only be able to enter five tributes (not ten) because the maximum number is set to 5.

Multiple Tributes: Allow user selectable banners for receipts CROWDFUNDING

If checked, you may select one or more images that can be used as banners for the e-mail notification that each tribute receives.

The list of images is pulled from the File Manager tab, and contains only .png and .jpg images.

Multiple Tributes: Allow user selectable merge codes for receipts CROWDFUNDING

If checked, the donor is presented with a merge code dropdown where they can choose from any one of the five configured merge codes from the CSiDonate system settings.

At this time, it is not possible to limit the merge code selection on a per-template basis. All configured merge codes listed in System Settings will be presented to the user.

The merge code is stored in the database, and can be reported off of via the vcsi_iDonate_Tribute_Data view.

Multiple Tributes: Enable tribute emails CROWDFUNDING

If enabled, a tribute notification e-mail will be sent to each named tribute (if a valid e-mail address is provided) using the template selected via the dropdown.

To create and edit tribute notification e-mails, refer to the Receipts page for instructions.

Form Settings

Enable Optional Login

Check this box to show the "Optional Member Login" button / feature on this template.

Enable Chapter Selector

Check this box to show the Chapter dropdown field on this template.

Enable Gift Message

If checked, a free-form text area is displayed where the user can enter any notes regarding their gift.

These notes go onto the gift Activity record in the NOTE field, and are also available in the vcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata_Combined view.

The Gift Message box supports the following characters: A-Z a-z 0-9 ' + - ( ) , ! @ = ; & ? % $ # . 

Customize Label

If checked, you can override the instructional text that appears above the text area.

Click the Pre-populated Values link to insert pre-defined placeholder text from the IDONATE_SPECINST gen table.

Enable 'List As' Field

If checked, a "List my donation as" form field is displayed on the donation form, where users can enter their own "List As" text.

Enable Anonymous Donation Option

If checked, a "Make my donation anonymous" option is displayed on the donation form for donors.

The anonymous donation option simply writes the word Anonymous into the List As field.

If this option is disabled, but the "Enable 'List As' Field" option is enabled, there is nothing preventing a donor from writing the word Anonymous into the form field, for which there is no distinction between the two.

Enable Donor Wall Option CROWDFUNDING

If checked, a "List my donation publicly" option will be available for donors. If checked, their name will appear on the Donor Wall widget on the Giving Dashboard.

Enable Donor Wall Option By Default CROWDFUNDING

If checked, the "List my donation publicly" option is checked by default when donors first load the donation form. Donors can still opt out of this option by un-checking the box before submitting their donation.

Enable Hide Gift Amount On Donor Wall CROWDFUNDING

If checked, the donor will be able to choose to optionally hide their gift amount on the donor wall. Donors who choose this amount will have their gift amount displayed as "$-.--" (configurable in Text and Content) instead of the actual amount given.

Demographic Questions

Any demographic questions entered into the IDONATE_QUESTIONS Gen Table for questions will be displayed here.

Check any that you wish to display on this donation template. Users can fill these out, however, they are always optional.

The control type used for the question depends on the number of pre-defined options (in the SUBSTITUTE field).

  • 0 options: Text Box (Freeform text – leave SUBSTITUTE blank.)

  • 1 Option: Checkbox

    • (info) Tip: You can leave the DESCRIPTION field blank and just enter a SUBSTITUTE value to make the checkbox more user-friendly. For example, try entering "I would like to learn more about planned giving." into the SUBSTITUE field, leaving DESCRIPTION blank.

  • 2 Options: Radio Buttons

  • 3 or More Options: Dropdown


Receipt Settings

Disable e-mail receipts for this template

If checked, e-mail receipts will not be sent for this template.

Useful if you have a template for staff to enter gifts on behalf of donors, or for Rapid Entry mode where you may be sending your own receipts or providing paper receipts.

E-mail receipt template

Select the e-mail receipt template to use for this donation form.

Click the Preview or test selected e-mail receipt link to open a pop-up window containing the currently selected receipt.

You can also send yourself or anyone a sample of this receipt via email to see how it will render in different e-mail clients, or to test that SMTP settings are correct!

The first time you click this preview link, your browser may block the pop-up. Proceed to click "Allow" or "Unblock" for pop-ups on this site, and then click the preview link again. The pop-up window should now load correctly.

Hide "Make Another Contribution" Button

If checked, the "Make Another Contribution" button is hidden on the web receipt.

Otherwise, the button is displayed, which returns the user to the donation form if they wish to donate again, or donate to a different fund.

Show Facebook Like

If checked, shows a small Facebook "Like" widget on the bottom of the web receipt.

A Facebook App ID must be configured in the System Settings for this to work.

Select the alias or template you'd like to link to when users click the like button.

Show Twitter (Tweet)

If checked, shows a Twitter "Tweet" button on the bottom of the web receipt.

Select the alias or template you'd like to be pre-populated in the tweet.

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