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Admin Area


The CSiDonate Admin Area is where you can manage and customize your CSiDonate installation.


Access to the CSiDonate admin area requires:


Important Security Note

The Administration area may contain sensitive information. Therefore, it is always recommended to restrict access to the admin site either via iMIS login (recommended) or IP-based restrictions. This includes the test admin site, as well.

If you are unsure if your admin site is secured, please contact CSI and we would be happy to verify the security of your CSiDonate admin area.


Select an administration area below.

Template Manager

Create and edit donation templates.

System Settings

Manage global system settings.

File Manager

Manage content and image files.

Financial Accounts

Create and manage financial account profiles.

Giving Dashboard

Manage settings for the Giving Dashboard.

Virtual Event Board

View information about the Virtual Event Board feature for on-site conferences and events.

Text and Content

Update virtually any label in CSiDonate.

Transaction History

View donation history and error details.

Email Queue 

Review, manage, and re-send any e-mail that originated from CSiDonate.


View database settings and run integrity checks.

System Overview 

View the CSiDonate system overview page and perform administrative actions.

Technical Log

View the system technical log.

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