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Popular Products

iMIS Cloud Apps

Sign in to third party apps with iMIS accounts.

Cvent Integration for iMIS.

Send data on a schedule, and write data via webhooks.

Office365 / Outlook integration for iMIS.

Quickly import or update data into iMIS via a spreadsheet.

Explore the core cloud platform and dashboard.

iMIS Apps

Import activities from spreadsheets.

Fundraising changes made easy.

Import new freight tables into iMIS easily.

Process GL export files into various financial system formats.

Document your iMIS components and database.

iMIS Add-on for Outlook Desktop

Quickly import or update data into iMIS via a spreadsheet.

Easily bring geocoding data into the iMIS database.

Merge all information from one contact into another.

Get NCOA address changes into iMIS automatically.

Close yet retain information about any meeting in iMIS.

Change any text or hide almost anything on a RiSE page.

iMIS Utilities

Enhance your iMIS fundraising experience with additional SQL views.