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Text and Content


The Text and Content page allows you to modify most text labels on the donation form and web receipt pages, as well as to insert custom HTML content into specific areas ("content blocks") on the donation form and web receipt pages.

Changing any content on this page will instantly update all pages in CSiDonate. Changes made using the Text and Content feature are system-wide and cannot be customized on a per-template basis.

Content Types

With the exception of the Donate Button Label text item, all other individual text items support basic HTML such as <em><strong><span>, etc.

Content blocks support full HTML via an embedded WYSIWYG editor. An Edit Source button is available for inputting HTML directly.


The following categories of system labels are available to customize:

  • Donation Form

    • Login

    • Amount Section

    • Personal Info Section

    • Tribute Section

    • Tribute Notification

    • Gift Message Section

    • Payment Details Section

    • Demographic Questions Section

    • General

  • Giving Dashboard CROWDFUNDING

    • Dashboard Page

    • Widget Labels

    • Content Blocks (HTML)

  • Web Receipt

    • General

    • Details

    • Recurring

    • Pledges

    • Demographic Questions

    • Tributes

    • Gift Notes

  • Error Messages

    • Donation Messages

    • Receipt Error Page

Content Blocks

The donation form and web receipt both support a number of different content block locations.

Clicking the View receipt block reference link under each content block will open a pop-up reference window with an example donation form that shows placeholder zones for where each content block is rendered on the page.

The reference page looks similar to this:

Conditional Content Blocks

Below some content block editors, the description says Only enabled if... This indicates that the custom HTML entered into this content block will only render if the corresponding feature is enabled on the donation template.

For example, the Content After Optional Login block will only be displayed if the optional member login section is shown, i.e. if a user is not currently logged in.

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