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View: vcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata_Combined


The vcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata_Combined view is an aggregate view of CSiDonate gift metadata and iMIS fundraising data.

Reporting Tip

This view makes a great base for CSiDonate reporting! Import this view as a RiSE business object and you can create CSiDonate gift reports from the data available in this view.

Referenced Tables

The following tables are referenced by this view:

  • csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata
  • Activity
  • Trans
  • Trans_SoftCredit


Column Name Column Type (SQL)Originating Table/ColumnNotes
IDVARCHAR(10)csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.IDDonor's iMIS ID.
ActivitySeqnINTTrans.ACTIVITY_SEQNActivity SEQN number of the gift.
InvoiceRefINTcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.InvoiceRefInvoice Reference # of the gift.
AmbassadorIdVARCHAR(10)csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.AmbassadorIdIf not NULL, the iMIS ID of the ambassador this gift should be credited towards.
ChallengeTemplateVARCHAR(10)csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.ChallengeTemplateIf not NULL, the UID of the template that this gift should be credited towards.
TransactionFeeAmountMONEYcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.TransactionFeeAmountIf not 0, the amount of this gift that went to covering transaction fees.
TransactionBaseAmountMONEYcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.TransactionBaseAmountIf not 0, the original amount of this gift before covering transaction fees.
GiftMessageNVARCHAR(MAX)csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.GiftMessageIf not NULL, the gift message text that the donor entered.
SelectedChapterNVARCHAR(400)csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.SelectedChapterIf not NULL, the name of the chapter that was selected for this anonymous donor via the Chapter dropdown.
RebillingIdNVARCHAR(40)csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.RebillingIdIf not NULL, the BluePay Rebilling ID for this gift.
ListAsNVARCHAR(510)csi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.ListAsIf not NULL, the donor's desired List As text, or "Anonymous" if the donor chose the anonymous donation option.
DonorWallEnabledBITcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.DonorWallEnabledTrue/1 if this donation should appear on the Donor Wall, otherwise False/0.
GiftAmountMONEYActivity.AMOUNTThe total recorded amount of the gift.
GiftDateDATETIMETrans.DATE_ENTEREDThe date that the gift was entered into iMIS.
BatchVARCHAR(15)Trans.BATCH_NUMThe batch number for this gift.
DistributionVARCHAR(31)Activity.PRODUCT_CODEThe distribution code for this gift.
FundVARCHAR(5)Activity.ORG_CODEThe fund code for this gift.
CampaignCodeVARCHAR(10)Activity.CAMPAIGN_CODEIf not NULL, the campaign code for this gift.
AppealCodeVARCHAR(40)Activity.SOURCE_CODEIf not NULL, the appeal code for this gift.
CashAccountVARCHAR(10)Trans.CHECK_NUMBERThe iMIS cash account code used for this gift.
CreditCardMaskedVARCHAR(25)Trans.CC_NUMBERThe masked credit card or ACH account used for this gift.
CreditCardNameVARCHAR(40)Trans.CC_NAMEThe "Name on Card" value for this gift.
PaymentTypeVARCHAR(10)Trans.PAYMENT_TYPEThe payment type for this gift (CC for credit card transactions, ACH for ACH transactions).
SoftCreditIdVARCHAR(10)Trans_SoftCredit.SOFT_CREDIT_IDIf not NULL, the iMIS ID of the user who received 100% soft credit for this gift.
TransNumberINTcsi_iDonate_Gift_Metadata.TransNumberThe transaction number for the gift.

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