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Using an EMV Card Reader with CSiDonate


CSiDonate supports certain USB credit card readers working in keyboard emulation mode for processing credit cards via CSiDonate. Learn how to use the IDTech Augusta S USB EMV Card and Chip Reader with CSiDonate.

Currently, only BluePay transactions can be processed with card readers. (Using an iMIS-based payment gateway such as PayFlow Pro and Authorize.NET are not currently supported.)

Supported Card Readers

Supported Platforms


  • Windows-based laptop or tablet computer with standard USB port (or adapter)

  • Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro (2016 or newer) with standard USB port (or adapter)

Apple iPads, iPhones, and Android-based devices are not supported at this time.


  • Windows 10, version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) or newer

  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer

  • Google Chrome

Using a Card Reader for CSiDonate Donations

Usage Tip!

Card reader support works best when paired with Rapid Entry mode. This allows the donor's information to be pre-filled. From there, you can simply enter an amount, (optionally) choose a distribution, swipe the card, and process the donation!

Enabling Card Reader Support

Edit a template that you want to enable card reader support for. Click the Financial tab, and enable the option Enable EMV card reader support. Then, save the template.

Processing Payments Using a Card Reader

Ensure the card reader is plugged in and ready before browsing to the CSiDonate form.

In the Payment Details section of the donation form, a new payment method should appear called Card Reader.

Press this button when you are ready to read the credit card. A screen overlay should appear that says "Awaiting card reader input...".

  • If the card has an EMV chip, insert the card into the reader. Remove the card when the card reader beeps repeatedly.

  • If the card does not have an EMV chip, or the chip fails to read (the reader will flash red), then start the card read again, and swipe the card using the magnetic stripe instead.

The donation form should say "Reading...". When finished, the overlay should disappear, and the CSiDonate donation form should say "Card swiped." You are now ready to complete the donation!

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