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Tributes in CSiDonate are a great way to allow donors to give donations in memory of, or in honor of fellow members, friends, and family.

Tributes have three components.

Tribute / Merge Codes

A tribute code (a merge code in iMIS) is a pre-defined code value that you set up in iMIS that denotes the type of tribute.

CSiDonate supports adding up to 5 tribute codes. The display text is customizable via the CSiDonate System Settings page.

Donors see the display text on the donation form if tributes are enabled:

The selected merge code is stored in iMIS under the Acknowledge tab, in the Merge field:


Common examples of tribute codes include:





In honor of

Honor a fellow member, family, or friend.


In memory of

Honor a deceased relative or member.


In recognition of

Honor a friend or family's accomplishment.


Thanks to

A general thanks to the specified person or family.

Honoree Text

The Honoree Name field is a text field where the donor can name an individual, an organization, a family, or any other entity.

There is no matching or linking that is performed on this field. It is only a freeform text field.

Good examples of the honoree text field include:

  • My Sisters at the Omega Beta Chapter

  • Grandma and Grandpa Smith

  • My Mother, Alice Smith

The Honoree Text is stored in iMIS under the Tribute tab, in the Name or Message field:

Tribute Notification Contact

If enabled on the template, CSiDonate can show a secondary contact form in the tribute section that is designed for donors to enter another individual's name, address, and email so that they can be notified of the gift that was just given.

The tribute notification contact can be the same person mentioned in the Honoree Text above, or it can be different.

Tribute Notification Contacts are optional. However, if at least some information is filled in, then first name, last name, and email address become required.

CSiDonate attempts to match tribute notification contacts in the same manner as donors - by email and last name. If no match is found, or two or more matches are found, then CSiDonate will create a new contact record in iMIS for this person. Their member type will be set to the New tribute member type code option, or the New member type code option if the tribute code is blank.

Tribute notification contacts and donor contact records are linked via the Trans_Notify table in iMIS.

Examples of when tribute notification contact are useful:

  • Entering "Alpha Gamma Chapter" as the honoree text, and entering Alice Smith, the chapter president, into the Tribute Notification Contact so she receives a notification that a gift was made in honor of the chapter.

  • Entering "Grandma and Grandpa Smith", and entering Betty Smith, my sibling, into the Tribute Notification Contact so she receives a notification that a gift was made in honor of our grandparents.

CSiDonate does not send any communications (emails, texts) to any named individuals in the Tribute Notification Contact field. It is at the discretion of the organization how to send notifications to these individuals.

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