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Concepts includes general information about CSiDonate's core concepts, including how to manage donation templates, how payment processing works, and what to expect within your iMIS system.

Admin Area

Learn about CSiDonate's admin area, including how to access it, and reference information for each page/section in the admin area.


All about Ambassador Mode, how to set up fundraising ambassadors with their own template URLs and track dollars raised by ambassador.


Working with templates in Challenge mode, which displays a progress tracker towards a monetary or donor count goal.

Giving Dashboard

The Giving Dashboard is a core component of the new CSiDonate Crowdfunding module. Learn how to maximize usage of this invaluable tool.

Multiple Tributes

A guide to configuring and using multiple tributes, which allows donors to name and send a notification to up to 25 tributes each with a customized gift message.

Recurring Donations

Information on recurring donations, including what to do when a recurring donation notification is missed or does not reconcile.

Payment Processing

An overview of how CSiDonate processes payments, including information and troubleshooting steps for payment failures.

Text to Give

Learn how to hook up a Twilio account with CSiDonate to enable Text to Give!

Rapid Entry

How to use the Rapid Entry template mode to enable your volunteers and event staff to rapidly enter gifts on behalf of your donors.


Financial account overview, batch / cash account settings, and how these settings relate to donation templates.


An overview of the template system in CSiDonate, including template settings and example scenarios for how to make the best use of your templates.


Receipt and tribute notification template information, including which replacement tokens are allowed in the e-mail templates, can be found here.


Information around how CSiDonate handles the concept of tributes, including tribute notifications and tribute contacts.

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