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This article outlines various techniques and customization options for the on-screen and e-mail receipt features of CSiDonate.

E-mail Templates

E-mail templates are defined in the File Manager, on the Templates tab.

An e-mail template is an .html file containing replacement tokens, that will be used to send an HTML e-mail to the customer upon a successful donation.

Replacement Tokens / Fields

For a complete list of replacement fields available in receipt and tribute templates, please refer to the Templates documentation page!

Tribute Notification E-mails

This is a CSiDonate CROWDFUNDING edition feature.

Refer to the Multiple Tributes article for full information about multiple tributes.

Tribute Notification e-mails follow a similar pattern to the standard CSiDonate e-mail receipts above.

To distinguish a tribute notification template from a standard donation receipt, select the "Tribute Notification" purpose when editing the template. Without this field set, CSiDonate will treat a tribute notification template as if it were a standard e-mail receipt.

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