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Email Queue

This functionality was added in CSiDonate 2.11.1.


The Email Queue admin page allows you to review, manage, and re-send any email that originated from CSiDonate.


The Email Queue page has 4 main categories:

  • Queued – These emails are currently queued in the database, but have not been sent yet.

  • Sending – These emails are currently in the process of being sent. Emails typically do not remain in this category for more than a few seconds at the most.

  • Sent – These emails were sent successfully.

  • Failed – These emails encountered an error while sending.

Managing Email Send Limits

Certain Email providers, such as Microsoft Office 365 (Exchange Online), employ send limits to ensure that their services are not used for malicious purposes.

To make use of the CSiDonate Email Queue feature, you can determine at what rate email messages are sent from CSiDonate.

To do this, navigate to System Settings > Email, and set the Email Send Delay setting.

A value of 5 is a good starting point. This means that one email will go out every 5 seconds. 5 seconds is also enough time to adhere to Microsoft's Office 365 SMTP send limits.

If you are using a different SMTP service (such as SendGrid), then you can set this value as low as 1 second, which will allow CSiDonate to send email messages more rapidly.

Email Retention

CSiDonate is not intended for long-term email storage. Email objects typically take up a lot of space because they often contain rich text formatting, images, and other content. Storing a large number of emails in your database can have an adverse performance impact. For this reason, CSiDonate does not keep Emails for longer than 90 days at its maximum seetting (see below).

You can manage how many days emails are retained in the database for by navigating to System Settings > Email, and setting the Email Log Retention Period (days) setting.

This value can be anywhere from 7 to 90 days. A recommended value is between 30 and 60 days, depending on how often you intend on reviewing failed emails.

Any email (sent or failed) which falls outside this date range will be permanently deleted.

Reviewing Emails

You can view the complete list of emails in the CSiDonate Admin Area, by going to the Email Queue page.

This screen will show you a list of emails categorized by their send status. Click one of the status buttons at the top of the page to jump to that category.

Reviewing Sent Emails

The Sent tab contains completed/successful e-mails.

On the right side of the listing, each row has a icon. This icon will immediately re-send this e-mail.

Reviewing Failed Emails

The Failed tab has a few more controls.

  1. Clicking this button will re-queue ALL failed e-mails in this list. This action cannot be undone. (Review the complete list and ensure you want to re-send every e-mail before clicking this button.)

  2. Actions for this row:

    1. Mail icon - Re-queue / retry sending this e-mail.

    2. Delete icon - Delete this e-mail. (This action cannot be undone.)

Viewing Email Details

When viewing the list of emails, you can click the eyeball icon to open the details view.

See Screenshot

The window that opens contains the following information:

  • Server Settings at the time the email was sent

  • Email Category, one of:

    • Email Receipt

    • Tribute Notification CROWDFUNDING

    • Other (System Emails, etc)

  • Dates

  • Number of send attempts

  • Email header info (Subject / To / Cc / Bcc)

  • For completed or failed emails:

    • A button to re-send the email

    • The option to send a copy of this email to someone else

Re-sending Failed Emails

If an email fails to send, we attempt to log the reason it failed and provide options to handle the message.

Re-sending to the Original Recipient

You can send the email to the original recipient by pressing the green Re-send Email button. This will put this email message back into the queue so that it is re-sent.

You can re-send an email even if it has succeeded from CSiDonate's perspective, if for example the donor deleted or otherwise did not receive the email.

Re-sending to a Different Recipient

You can also send a copy of a completed email to a different recipient.

Enter exactly one email address into the Send a copy to: field, and a copy of this email will be created and sent to this recipient.

Multiple email addresses are not supported in this field at this time.

When sending a copy, the original Email object is not changed; instead, a copy is created.

This means that if you no longer need the original email, you will need to delete it or let it expire based on your retention settings above.

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