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Roster Manager iPart


Roster Manager allows for easy and efficient updating of multiple profiles from a single location in iMIS. It is designed for organizations that have a need to allow both authorized members and staff to be able to update multiple records at a time rather than going to each individual profile to make updates. Access to the Roster Manager functionality can be defined by the organization and is not dependent upon the Company Admin role. 

The typical workflow includes a step for the authorized user to pick member records from a list (driven by an IQA) that they want to make changes for and then a step for the authorized user to submit the updated information. Examples of updates that Roster Manager can complete include (but not limited to): update member type, update status, move a member from one organization to another, update contact information, add demographic data, identify that a member completed an activity such as attended an event or is interested in volunteering, and much more! Once the steps are completed, the CSI Cloud will take care of the updates in iMIS immediately based on your defined settings in the iPart. 

Roster Manager is an iPart that is connected to the CSI Cloud. This allows you to place the iPart in multiple places, with multiple IQAs (that drive the roster view) and have multiple workflows. All updates are performed by the CSI Cloud once a workflow has been completed in the iPart.

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