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Cloud SSO


Cloud SSO Documentation

CSI's cloud-based single sign-on solution is an implementation of both the SAML 2.0 specification, and OpenID Connect specification (and by extension, OAuth 2.0) using iMIS as the identity provider. The assertion / user profile endpoint is driven by a 100% customizable IQA that resides within iMIS.

What does this mean for iMIS?

With no software installation required, third party vendors and otherwise-incompatible websites which are unable to perform a direct SSO with iMIS are now able to authenticate users using iMIS credentials, and retrieve customizable profile information about the user that is signing in in real-time.

What does this mean for vendors?

Vendors and third-party systems can integrate directly with iMIS using the industry-standard OpenID and SAML SSO protocols, drastically reducing the cost and time of implementing your systems with iMIS / RiSE.

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