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iImport and iUpdate


The iImport Cloud and iUpdate Cloud modules in iDMS use the same actions, mapping and matching, settings and options, run processes, and templates. Please review our documentation on iSchedule and iTransfer to learn more about the other module of iDMS.

  • iImport Cloud: Easily import or update data from a spreadsheet into iMIS.

  • iUpdate Cloud: Replicate stored procedures and manipulate data into iMIS via an IQA query.

Concepts for Running Tasks

Master these concepts for running tasks in iDMS to unlock the limitless potential of data management.

  • Task Actions: Learn the differences between the different actions (e.g., insert, update, etc.).

  • Mapping: Learn how to add mappings to tasks and the differences between mapping and matching.

  • Task Templates: Learn how to use templates to create efficiency and process integrity.

  • Task Options: Learn how to leverage the options in iDMS.

  • Running the Task: Learn how to run the task, verify task configuration, and how to cancel a task.

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