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iSchedule allows you to schedule iImport Cloud or iUpdate Cloud tasks. Tasks can be set to run off hours (after your users are logged off) and/or on a recurring basis. iSchedule can be run daily, monthly, or hourly.  

There are many possible ways to use iSchedule, here are just a few of them:

  • Schedule an iUpdate Task to run on a recurring basis

  • Schedule an iUpdate or iImport task to run after hours

Creating a Scheduled Task 

Once you are on the Mappingstep. After completing mappings and selecting your options, select Schedule as Task.

View Schedule as Task Screenshot

Create/Edit Task Page

After clicking the Schedule as Task button or clicking the edit button on an existing task, you be on the Edit Task page.

  1. Create a name for your scheduled task.

  2. Add a helpful description for your task.

  3. Determine the number of times a job can fail before being automatically disabled.

  4. The Crontab Schedule (UTC) will allow you to schedule a recurring or a one-time task.

  5. Disable / Enable your scheduled task 

    1. Click on the Schedule Builder button on the right. This will pop up a dialog box like the one below.

    2. Click on Recurring to schedule a task that you want to run on a scheduled basis over and over

    3. Click on One-Time to schedule a task that you want to run one time only.

    4. Remember these times are in UTC time.

    5. Once you have your schedule set, click Save.

You should see your task in the Task List. From here, you can view

 the listing.

View screenshot

You also have the ability to sort on the column headers. Sort by Name. Last Run, Next Run, etc.

You can also edit the task, edit the mappings, delete the task, or run the task now

Disable an Active Scheduled Task

To disable an active scheduled task:

  1. Log into your iDMS dashboard.

  2. Enter iSchedule and locate the job that you would like to disable.

  3. Once you've found it, choose the yellow Edit button under the Actions row.

  4. You should now be on the Edit Task page for your job. Make sure to uncheck the 'Is Enabled' option.

  5. Save.

View Screenshot

Using Webhooks and HTTP Triggers

iSchedule makes it possible to remotely trigger your task. Learn more about Webhooks and HTTP Triggers.

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