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iUpdate Cloud


iUpdate Cloud allows you to update or insert your iMIS data using an IQA query.  In other words, the result set from an IQA selection becomes the source records for your updates. iUpdate is often used in conjunction with the iSchedule product to schedule iUpdate Task to run off hours and/or on a recurring basis. In conjunction with iSchedule, you can use iUpdate using Webhooks and Triggers

Use Cases

There are many possible uses for iUpdate. Here are a few real-life uses we have seen:

  • Create "call" Activities for records who attended last year’s conference, but NOT registered this year.​

  • Change a person’s member type based on demographics​.

  • Erase a field on every record.

  • Save data for future reporting purposes.

  • Calculate a score for each member and populate a panel​ (Fundraisers and Membership folks love this!).

  • When a Company renews, mark everyone attached to that Company as a Member​.

  • When Company expires, mark everyone attached to that Company as a Non-Member​.​

  • Update Primary email if blank but filled in on another address​.

  • Find locked out users and un-lock them.

  • Update tick boxes based on multiple factors being completed​.

  • Remove people from a committee if they are no longer a member​ or violated an agreement​.

  • Automatically set or remove communication preferences.

  • Create missing user credentials.

  • Create activities for workflows.

Update From IQA Query

Importing or updating from an IQA will be very similar to the steps of Import from File. The only difference is that you are using an IQA to pull data from your iMIS database instead of uploading an Excel file.

To begin running an iUpdate Job, you first have to select a query. Hit the Select button to pull up the IQA folder list search. Navigate to your query and select the IQA query you want to import or update iMIS records.

Cloud ID Account Linking Enabled. Select the Cloud ID you want to run the IQA query from. This is enabled if you have setup Cloud ID Linking Cloud ID Account Linking.  This option allows you to run IQA queries (and pull subsequent data) from other iMIS databases.

Important Notes about your IQA Query

  • Your query cannot have a slash (/ or \) in the name.

  • Queries should have the "Only display unique results" box checked (found in the Display tab of the IQA query editor).

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