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iImport Cloud


iImport Cloud allows you to import and update your iMIS data using a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel, CSV, etc.).  You can import, update, or both at the same time!  For example, if a match is NOT found, it will import the new record.  If a match IS found, the record will be updated with the relevant information from the spreadsheet.  

Additionally, you can create and save templates that can be easily re-used for future imports and/or updates

Finally, in conjunction with the iSchedule product, you can schedule these to run off hours and/or on a recurring basis.

If you are a first time user, you can find how to navigate to iImport Cloud under Getting Started in iDMS

You're viewing the documentation for iImport Cloud, a browser-based app that is part of the iMIS Data Management Suite (iDMS).

For the Windows desktop application called iImport, please click here.

Use Cases

There are many possible uses for iImport Cloud, here are a few real-life use cases we have seen

  • Conduct an initial data load or conversion into your iMIS system.

  • Import a spreadsheet from outside of iMIS.

  • Quickly update Name/Address/Demographic changes made by staff (or even volunteers!)

  • Bring Activities into iMIS from outside activities or events​.

  • Update newly created or existing Panel Sources.

Uploading a File

iImport starts with uploading the spreadsheet you will use to Insert and/or Update data with.

When you open iImport Cloud - Import From File, you will see the Upload screen.

  1. This section shows what step in the process you are on.

  2. In this section, you can upload your Excel file to import. You can click to browse or drag-and-drop your file.

  3. After uploading your file, there are 3 options:

    • Check the box if your spreadsheet has headers

    • Select a different sheet in your spreadsheet

    • See the available columns in your currently selected sheet

  4. Select an Action

Important Notes on File Uploads

  • iDMS iImport currently has a maximum import of 250k records per import file. We do; however, recommend importing no more than 10,000 records in a single import.

  • International Users: Format your dates in this standard international notation: YYYY-MM-DD. When iDMS imports the dates, your iMIS instance API will convert to the format that is set in your instance.

  • You may only use Excel files (.xlsx) with iImport Cloud.

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