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Searching by Group

iEmail Cloud supports searching for contacts to email by group membership.

After opening iEmail Cloud and signing in, searching by group can be found here:

Some examples of out-of-the-box group types includes:

  • Chapters

  • Committees

  • Event Registrations

  • Company Members

  • Relationships

  • Subscriptions

Within each group category, you can filter the group list by name or code using the filters at the top of the screen. Filters return partial results by default, so for example, entering eta into the Code filter will return results for Beta, Theta, Eta, and Zeta.

After selecting a group, the active members of the group are displayed along with the following information:

  • Member's Full Name

  • Member's Email Address

  • Member's position in the group

  • Term start and/or end dates (if exists)

Individual contacts can be emailed by selecting them, or there is a "Select All" checkbox at the top which will allow you to bulk-add all members of the group to the email with a single click.

A Note on Rank Searches

At this time the ASI REST API will not permit RANK to be returned as part of a result set for committees. ASI has submitted this as a Request for System Enhancement. In the meantime, a workaround can be performed with an IQA. The ZIP file (how to open/extract files from ZIP) can be downloaded here that contains the XML file to be imported into your iMIS IQA environment.

Once you have downloaded the IQA, here are instructions to upload the IQA into your iMIS environment. Import IQA (start with step: "Browse Your iMIS Staff Website")

Once a recipient/recipients have been found, the 'Active Field' can be used to place the recipients under 'To', 'Cc', or 'Bcc'

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