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Opening and Signing into iEmail Cloud


This article will help you get started with iEmail Cloud inside of the Outlook desktop and web interfaces.

Opening iEmail Cloud

From The Desktop

You can open iEmail Cloud from Outlook on Windows or Mac OS X by clicking on the iEmail Cloud icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Though this is a screenshot of an outgoing email, iEmail Cloud is located in the same place when reading an email.

From The Web

You can open iEmail Cloud on the web from any e-mail that you are reading or composing.

  • If you are reading an e-mail, click the iEmail Cloud link in the upper-right corner next to the Reply button.

  • If you are composing an e-mail, click the blue iEmail Cloud icon in the center bottom of the compose screen.

Signing In

The first time you start iEmail Cloud, you will be presented with the welcome screen. Simply scroll down, and click on the blue Sign In Now button.

To sign in, enter your iMIS username, iMIS password, and your CSI Cloud ID which you received from CSI or from your IT or Network Admin, then click the blue Sign In button.

If you receive an error that says "This user is not authorized to access this application." please contact your IT or Network Admin and ask them to assign your user account to the iEmail Cloud app via the CSI Cloud Dashboard.

Learn more about assigning user access to apps on the Account and App Security page.

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