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Creating a Workflow


This article describes how to create a workflow, both by using a template, by making one from scratch, or from importing from a file.

Creating a New Workflow

From the dashboard, click the image-20240621-183116.png button

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Creating from a Template

A template can be used to Schedule iUpdate Tasks, Export Data to URL, and Schedule a Text Manager Campaign.

Schedule iUpdate Tasks

Schedule one or more iUpdate tasks to run in sequence. The outcome of one step won’t affect the next one. Similar to an “hourly” or “nightly” job.

Learn how to schedule iUpdate tasks


Select the “Start” button.

Name the workflow, then click “Next”.


Export Data to URL

Export data from iMIS and expose it via a random public URL for a third party service to consume. The data will be updated each time the workflow is run.

Learn how to export data to URL

Schedule a Text Manager Campaign

Schedule one or more Text Manager Campaigns in sequence. The outcome of one step won’t affect the next one.

Learn how to schedule a Text Manager Campaign

Creating from Scratch

Importing from a File

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