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CVENT Onboarding Checklist

1. CSI Cloud Environment Setup

Follow this link for instructions on how to get your iMIS REST API to be public facing. (As long as you are on iMIS 2017 and later)

2. CSI Cloud Login

Once you have your REST API URL and have sent this to CSI, CSI will have given you a Cloud ID. Go here to learn more about logging into the CSI Cloud Dashboard. Then navigate here to learn more about setting up your cloud account.

3. Cvent Overview

Click here to gain a better perspective on the integration between CSI and Cvent.

4. CSI / Cvent Integration

This link gives a quick start guide on how to setup the integration between the CSI Cvent Middleware and the Cvent Account/Event.

5. Member Website Integration

Now you must allow your members access to be able to register from your member website. If you have a RiSE member website, you would be able to use the RiSE iPart that CSI has built.

If you have a Public View website or at least a website that will integrate a .NET control, please check this link out.

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