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CSI Cloud ID


Your CSI Cloud ID is a short, alphanumeric name that identifies and points to your instance of iMIS. Typically, it is in the format "[Organization Acronym]imis" or "[Organization Acronym]test" for test databases. Some examples of this may be abcimis or xyztest.

You use your CSI Cloud ID along with your iMIS/RiSE username and password to sign in to CSI's cloud apps and services.

For example, if your CSI Cloud ID is abcimis, you want to sign in with your iMIS "MANAGER" account, and your password is "manager123", you could sign into the CSI Cloud Dashboard like this:

Your CSI Cloud ID was assigned to you by CSI. You should have received it by e-mail. If you have forgotten your Cloud ID, please contact your CSI account representative, or submit a new support ticket, and we will be happy to provide it to you again.

Test Instances

CSI policy states that each customer who has at least one active app subscription (or trial/demo) is entitled to two (2) Cloud IDs, one for a production / live iMIS database, and one for a test / development iMIS database.

If you would like to activate your test cloud ID, please ensure that the URL is also public facing (refer to our Environment Setup guide), and then please submit a new support ticket with your test URL requesting a test Cloud ID.

Login Troubleshooting

Having trouble logging in with your Cloud ID? Please refer to our Login Troubleshooting guide for some troubleshooting steps you can take!

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