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The screenshot below shows the Overview page from General/Account. This allows the client admin to Manage User Access, Modify Account Settings, View Billing Information, and Manage Account Admins.

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Manage User Access

On this page, the client admin has the ability to add or remove iMIS user access to each cloud app that has been purchased and/or licensed for. Some apps may be limited by the number of users assigned at a given time because of the licensing subscription.

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For example:

In the two applications above, Cvent and iEmail Cloud, user JSmith is listed under iEmail Cloud, but not under Cvent. When JSmith logs into the CSI Cloud Dashboard, they would only see iEmail Cloud list under Apps. They would NOT see or have access to Cvent.

Manage Account Settings

This allows the client admin to enter the background account that is used to access the iMIS DB. This account must be the manager account or manager equivalent.

You can also set an administrative email contact which CSI will use to email alerts and notifications regarding the cloud account.

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iMIS 'MANAGER' Password Expiration Warning

If you are on iMIS 2017 or newer, the password for your MANAGER account (and any other SysAdmin accounts) expires every 90 days.

You MUST update the Background Account credentials when you reset/change the password for this account in iMIS.

Failure to update the background account password in the CSI Cloud Dashboard Account Settings screen can result in cloud applications not working.

View Billing Information

This allows the client admin to review billing information such as next bill date, amount due, and number of licensed users for each of the CSI Cloud products currently being utilized.

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Manage Account Admins

The client admin is allowed to assign or remove iMIS users that are “account admins”. These users would be allowed to administer the CSI Cloud account, which includes updating account settings, viewing billing info, etc.

The MANAGER account is always considered an account admin.

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