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Registration ASP.NET User Control

(info) For iMIS 20.2.26 and higher, the preferred method is to use an iPart. See the Registration iPart page.

Use the link above to download a compressed .ZIP file of the registration web user control and RedirectToCvent solution. You can use 1 of 2 options to integrate a user control into your site (Public View).

Option 1: Modify Existing Page to Place User Control

Extract and save the RegistrationUserControl.ascx file to your Public View website.

Learn more about User Controls: ASP.NET User Controls

Referencing the User Control in an ASP.NET Web Page

Type the following code on top of the web page:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="CSI" TagName="RegistrationUserControl" Src="RegistrationUserControl.ascx" %>

For more information, see: How to Include a User Control in an ASP.NET Web Page

Configure the Registration User Control

Type the following code in the web page:

<CSI:RegistrationUserControl runat="server"
    AuthenticationMethod="AuthenticationByCredentials" />

User Control Properties

  • Cvent Event Code This is the Event Code value selected, for example: 2GNQVNC5PWB. (Find Your Event Code)

  • Authentication Method Select how your members will be authenticated. There are two options to choose from: 1. Credentials Requires users to authenticate with their iMIS web login and password (preferred method) 2. Email Address Allow users to authenticate by entering their email address

(Optional) Enter Registration Prompt

There are two properties used for the Registration Prompt:

  1. ButtonText Text value to display for the registration button. The default value is: "Register Here"

  2. ButtonCssClass Cascading Style Sheets class value set on the registration button. The default value is: "TextButton"

Option 2: Redirect To Cvent

Extract and save the "RedirectToCvent" folder to your Public View site.

"Example.html" is an example page with a Register button.

You should now have a URL that, when clicked on, will force a member to login (or create an account) to the site, then, after logged in, redirect them to the appropriate Cvent event according to the URL "ID".

See example URL:

  1. "" would be replaced above by your iMIS Public View site URL.

  2. "8NNER79EASP" would be replaced by your Cvent Event Code. 

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