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Saving an Outgoing Email

iEmail Cloud allows you to capture both incoming and outgoing emails into iMIS.

Saving Your Outgoing Email

When in compose mode, after you have finished writing the email and filled out the To/Cc and Subject fields, and before you hit send, open iEmail Cloud.

At this point, you may need to sign in if you haven't in a while. Proceed to do so.

Once on the home screen, press the green Save to iMIS button in the upper-left corner.

Remember to fully draft your e-mail, including To, Cc, Subject, and Body before clicking "Save to iMIS".

Ability to use BCC with iEmail Cloud is only possible in the Compose screen. Unable to save to recipients' records in iMIS that are BCC'd from your Sent folder in Outlook. This is due to a Microsoft limitation. 

At this time, attachments can not be saved while composing an email. If your email has attachments that you would like to save to iMIS you must first send the email. Then go to your Sent folder in Outlook and save an iMIS Interaction from there.

Reviewing Matched Contacts

After drafting your email and clicking "Save to iMIS", a list of contacts will appear. These include yourself (the "From"), and any matched contacts on the To and Cc lines of the email.

To toggle which records to save to in iMIS, use the "From/To/Cc" filter at the top of the screen.

Alternately, you can remove individual entries by clicking the "X" icon in the corner of each entry.

To restore a contact that was removed, toggle their respective category filter off and on at the top. (E.g. if one contact was removed on the To line, click the "To" filter twice at the top to toggle it off and back on again.) This will restore all of the hidden contacts on the To line.

After you review and filter the contacts you would like to save records for, you may choose to store the outgoing email in one of two ways:

Recent Interactions (Communication Log)

By clicking the "Add Recent Interactions" button, a communication log entry will be written for each valid contact displayed on screen. The full, rich text body of the email will be written to iMIS as a communication log entry for that contact.

Users will see the background account as the "Created By / Updated By" account on the recent interaction (typically MANAGER), instead of the user that is currently using iEmail Cloud.

EMAIL Activity

By clicking the "Add EMAIL Activities" button, an Activity record will be written for each valid contact displayed on screen.

The "Add EMAIL Activities" button can be hidden from certain users and shown only to users with the correct iMIS roles. You can change these settings in the options menu of iEmail Cloud.

Note: Only the plain text version of the email is saved to the Activity record. Rich text and other formatting is not saved.

Conditions and Caveats

Interactions / Activities will not save in the following cases:

  1. There is no contact in iMIS matching the e-mail address in Outlook

  2. Two or more contacts share the specified email address (merge these contacts and try again)

  3. For iMIS 100/200, adding Activity records is not supported (the button will be disabled in iEmail Cloud)

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