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Requesting iDMS Support

To obtain support for iDMS, submit a ticket to us via our Support Request Form. Providing the following details will expedite the ability for us to assist you.

Details for Errors Noted as “Unknown” or “Generic”

These types of errors mean there was an error when submitting the data via the iMIS REST API. We will need details from the event viewer to better understand the situation. If you do not have access to your iMIS server, you’ll need to reach out to ASI; to learn more, please review ASI Event Log Troubleshooting Steps.

Screenshot of a Generic/Unknown Error

Screenshots/Sample of Spreadsheet or IQA Query

  • If using iImport Cloud, a sample of your spreadsheet can assist with troubleshooting.

  • If using iUpdate Cloud, screenshots of the IQA query can assist with troubleshooting.

Screenshot of Import Details Page

Instructions to Obtain and Sample Screenshot

If you have already run the import, you can find this screen by following these steps

a) Go to the iDMS Dashboard - Your Failed Import should be visible here.  You may also click on the Failed Imports button as well. 


b) Click on the Info icon

to pull up the job's Import History.



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