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Troubleshooting & Known Issues

If you are unable to resolve your issue after reviewing this page, please review details on how to Request iDMS Support

Known Issues

Unintentional Shopping Cart Deletion

If you have a record in iMIS that has an item in their Shopping Cart, when you use the Delete action to delete any data from that record, the Cart will also inadvertently be deleted.

Will happen if you delete anything, such as an Activity or even if you delete a row from a Custom Panel Source.

This is getting worked on and will be resolved in the next iDMS release.

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Password Protected Files

Spreadsheets protected by a password are not currently supported by iDMS.


Changes Not Recorded to Change History

iDMS uses the iMIS REST API to change data in iMIS. So, any fields that are showing in the Change History on the iMIS Staff Site will also log any changes made by iDMS.

See this link to iMIS documentation on logging changes to panel data.

Do note the iMIS Username seen in the User field in the Change History will be the iMIS username that is set as the Background Account for the Cloud ID.

Due to how the iMIS REST API operates, you are unable to customize the User that is shown in the Change History.

Validation Failure

Validation Failure happens when data in the uploaded File (or IQA) does not have a matching counterpart in iMIS. iDMS will then not attempt to import the incorrect data and instead throw a Validation Failure. This is corrected by finding the data in the File that is causing this. It may be a typo or a code that is incorrect.

For example, the Last Name field in iMIS has a max of 50 characters. The validation can be skipped, but in this case the import would be successful but the last name in iMIS would be truncated to the first 50 characters.

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Data Overflow

Trying to insert data into a field that is too long. Make sure you are meeting the requirements of the field in iMIS that you are importing into. 

Timeout or Long Run Time

A timeout can occur either when the connection with iMIS is lost or if the Job exceeds a time limit. One explanation for iUpdate Jobs taking longer than expected is if the IQA query being used does not have the "Only Display Unique Results" box checked.

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When you receive the error that is highlighted below (InternalServerError), this indicates that it means that iDMS has received an error from your iMIS instance REST API call that is coming back with no information. So, in order to find out what is happening here, you need to create a ticket with ASI to get them to read their Event Log on their server and try to pull that information.

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Click on "Click here for more information" to get to our documentation page on what information to request from ASI. For your convenience, here is the same link - ASI Event Log Troubleshooting Steps - CSI Docs (

Request Entity Too Large

The CSI Dashboard Data Router has a limitation of 28.6MB. Therefore, to solve this issue either remove the Blob Data or its column from the IQA, or make sure all data included is under 28.6MB.

For iMIS 100/200 Cloud Users: No users available to add

For security purposes, only those iMIS Contacts that are members of the Staff Group (Community → Security → Staff) will appear in the CSI Cloud Dashboard as users available to add to iImport Cloud. Neither the Sys Admin nor the Remote Service role is required in iMIS Cloud 100/200.

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