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iTransfer Migration


This article details how current iTransfer jobs and webhooks will be migrated and how they translate into iWorkflow. CSI will be performing this migration. Jobs and webhooks will be the same in iWorkflow, however webhook links will change from iTransfer. This is a high level guide, including video walkthroughs below.

We will be migrating each client’s jobs on a specific schedule that will be communicated to them via email.

If you would like to create other iWorkflow jobs, the documentation can be found here.

Current iTransfer Environments

iTransfer has two environments, Scheduled Jobs (Outbound) and Webhooks (Inbound). Examples are below for each of these data transfer scenarios. The Outbound Scheduled job pulls data from an IQA on a scheduled basis and sends that data to an FTP. The Inbound Webhook accepts a specific schema and inserts an Activity record while rendering a webhook URL for 3rd parties to utilize.

Helpful Videos:

iTransfer Scheduled Job Migration example:

iTransfer Webhook Migration example:

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