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Release Notes

CSiDonate 2.11.4 April 9, 2024

  • Fixed E-mail receipt information missing from transaction log

  • Fixed a timezone conversion issue on the Virtual Event Board

  • Fixed an issue where the User ID was missing from Bluepay rebill error messages

  • Added a CSiDonate reporting field to denote an auto recurring gift

  • Fixed an issue where a multiple tribute was allowed to be entered when the minimum was not met

  • Improved an error message on the Virtual Event Board setup screen when the query has no results

  • Fixed a trimming issue on Honoree Name for Tributes

  • Fixed an issue where dashes and underscores were not allowed in the Batch Description

  • Fix external gifts not writing correctly (via integrations such as Classy and Billhighway) that was caused by a recent iMIS security patch

  • Improved handling for CVV2 and Zip Code field validation with BluePay.

CSiDonate 2.11.3  

  • Added native support for Google Analytics (the new "Google Analytics 4 (GA4)") (#1163)

    • Google has introduced a new format for Google Analytics properties, and is deprecating support for the old Universal Analytics (UA-XXXXXX) tags on July 1, 2023.

    • CSiDonate has built-in support for new GA4 properties, but not older UA properties. To learn more, review this Google Analytics documentation.

  • Fixed CSiDonate writing corrupt partial gifts into iMIS if a SQL deadlock or timeout occurred. (#1098)

  • Fixed a bug where staff users could not use the Multiple Tribute Member Search feature if they were not marked as a "Member Record" in iMIS. (#758)

  • Fixed a bug when submitting a donation with a blank honoree name. (#881)

  • Fixed broken links to the documentation site. (#906)

  • Fixed a bug where the billing zip code field was erroneously required to be numeric. (#1025)

  • Fixed a bug where a test email in an incorrect format could cause an inifinite email loop. (#1105)

  • Fixed a bug where the Rebill Count in the Transaction History was always displaying as 0. (#1110)

  • Fixed a Double The Donation integration bug that would incorrectly report the API call as failed even when it succeeded. (#1119)

  • Fixed a bug where BluePay could send a transaction with a name length that exceeded the maximum name length in iMIS. (#1143)

  • Fixed a bug where, in certain cases, the {{ BannerImage }} placeholder would mistakenly be shown in an email template. (#1175)

CSiDonate 2.11.2  

  • Added a system setting that allows administrators to set the version of jQuery that CSiDonate uses to remediate PCI requirements. (#883)

  • Added reporting fields to the Transaction History screen for Double the Donation status. (#882)

  • Added the ability for the NetID parameter to work on the Giving Dashboard, and carry through onto a donation form. (#862)

  • Enhanced BluePay card validation error on donation form. (#764)

  • Fixed a bug where the cache time could be negative on the Giving Dashboard. (#880)

  • Fixed a bug where annual pledges may not have been calculated correctly. (#866)

  • Fixed a bug where addresses containing the / character could cause validation errors. (#813)

  • Fixed bugs where some fields had missing max length settings. (#792, #782)

  • Fixed an issue where selecting the last amount button in the amount array wouldn't update the multiple tribute counter/calculation. (#693)

  • Fixed a styling issue that was making it difficult to select the ACH Checking Account radio button. (#544)

  • Fixed administrative/setup issues where URLs were mistakenly treated as case-sensitive. (#779, #761)

CSiDonate 2.11.1  

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added the   Email Queue admin page, which allows you to view and re-send all emails that originate from CSiDonate. (#368)

  • Added integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. (Interested in learning more or signing up? Click here!) (#590)

  • Added the ability for ambassador links to be tracked when browsing to the Giving Dashboard instead of a donation form. (#562)

  • Added a content block to the on-screen receipt to only be shown if the donor elects to cover transaction fees. (#621)

  • Added a "Copy to Clipboard" button for relative media URLs in the File Manager. (#654)

  • Added the ability to hide the decimal places on the amount total on the Giving Dashboard. (#660)

  • Added the ability to customize the "When am I billed?" label on the on-screen receipt. (#737)

  • Added custom numeric formatting options on the Giving Dashboard for custom widgets 1-5. (#664)

  • BREAKING CHANGE (Reporting Only) Added a column to the csi_iDonate_Tribute_Notification table for tracking InvoiceRef. (#746)

    • All existing records in this table will have the InvoiceRef back-populated during the upgrade process.

    • The ActivitySeqn column will no longer be populated, and instead, a value of "-1" will be written into this field.

    • During a future patch, this column will be deleted. We plan to provide enough time for customers to migrate their reports to use this new column.


  • Fixed an issue where the selected tribute banner would not persist. (#727)

  • Fixed a caching issue with LESS files / includes. (#605)

  • Fixed a bug in the metadata SQL view that caused regular pledges to display incorrectly. (#657)

  • Fixed an issue with videos hosted in the File Manager not playing on iOS devices. (#671)

  • Fixed file dropdown selectors not sorting correctly. (#665)

  • Fixed an inconsistency between the documentation and the product for the default number of max tributes allowed. (#467)

  • Fixed an issue where a validation error on save would not appear on the side tabs when editing a template. (#677)

  • Fixed an issue where the informal name was not writing back to iMIS. (#642)

  • Fixed a bug causing custom Q&A data to not be written to the technical log. (#264)

  • Fixed chapter name not showing in all cases in the Transaction History. (#261)

  • Fixed an issue where searching for the same date range in both the Start and End date fields would not cause any search results to be returned. (#428)

  • Fixed a performance issue with the tribute view. (#724)

  • Fixed an issue where certain ACH status codes from BluePay were not interpreted by CSiDonate as successful.

CSiDonate 2.11.0  

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added the   File Manager which allows you to control your CSiDonate digital assets (images, stylesheets, and receipts) without editing files on the web server! (#94, #95, #96)

    • As a result, your stylesheets and dashboards have been migrated as part of the upgrade process. If you notice any issues, please reach out to CSI Support.

  • Added a   System Overview page where you can see an overview of the CSiDonate installation. (#111)

  • Added the ability to enter a missed recurring gift right from within the CSiDonate admin area. (#408)

  • Added a Text and Content item that allows you to customize the language on the receipt for the recurring plan information. (#123)

  • Added support for an optional Billing Zip Code field that is compatible with an optional AVS fraud filter in BluePay. (#364)

  • CROWDFUNDING Added user-selectable banners and merge codes on the multiple tribute message form, to allow the donor to customize the e-mail notification that tributes receive. (#105)

  • CROWDFUNDING Added additional content blocks surrounding the Multiple Tributes section. (#369)

  • CROWDFUNDING Added an option to allow the donor to list their name on the donor wall, but hide the dollar amount of their donation. (#99)


  • Fixed a styling issue on mobile where the List As / Anonymous option would get cut off. (#139)

  • Fixed an issue with the REST API where the version would read "2.9" despite the product being version 2.10. (#188)

  • Fixed an issue where there was no character limit on the honoree text field. (Field is limited to 100 characters.) (#277)

  • Fixed a performance issue where a database column was erroneously set to NVARCHAR. (#320)

  • Fixed an issue on the countdown widget on the Giving Dashboard where it would not display empty (0) units. (#332)

  • Fixed an issue where the multiple tribute message/note could erroneously exceed 250 characters. (#351)

  • Fixed an issue preventing recurring pledge payments from being used with Refund Xpress. (#370)

  • Fixed an issue where a database field for pledge payments erroneously contained a timestamp instead of just a date. (#375)

  • Fixed an issue where contact / duplicate matching would include inactive statuses in iMIS (now filters out any status that starts with "D...", including just "D"). (#390)

  • Fixed a display issue on the Transaction History that would prevent the (error) icon from appearing if the recurring ID was 0. (#391)

  • Fixed an issue where the minimum donation amount validation error could appear by mistake on the giving form. (#421)

  • Fixed a rendering issue where the first gift of a challenge template would not cause the progress bar to move. (#516)

  • Fixed an issue with CSiDonate's internal gift metadata that could cause the Activity Seqn value to become incorrect if the gift was edited in iMIS Desktop. (#517)

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