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Table: csi_iDonate_Tribute_Notification


This table stores all of the tribute notification entries when the Multiple Tributes feature is used.


NameColumn Type (SQL)Notes
NotificationIDINT (PK, IDENTITY)An identity column / primary key for this table. Uniquely identifies a single multiple tribute record.
DonorIDVARCHAR(10)The iMIS ID of the donor for the gift that was made.

‚ÄčDEPRECATED CSiDonate no longer writes to this column. Any existing values are not touched. Any records inserted after the 2.11.1 patch will always have a constant value of "-1". In a future patch, this column will be deleted.

TributeIDVARCHAR(10)The iMIS ID of the tribute. (If this value is provided, TributeName and TributeEmail may be empty.)
TributeNameNVARCHAR(200)The name of the tribute. (If this value is provided, TributeID may be empty.)
TributeEmailNVARCHAR(510)The e-mail address entered for the tribute. (If this value is provided, TributeID may be empty.)
IsSearchResultBITTrue/1 if this tribute was found via the Tribute Member Search feature, otherwise False/0.
IsMatchResultBITTrue/1 if this tribute was matched by last name and e-mail to a record in iMIS, otherwise False/0.
TributeMessageNVARCHAR(500)The message that was entered by the donor, addressed to this tribute.
DateEnteredDATETIMEThe date/time that this tribute was entered.
SelectedBannerFileNameNVARCHAR(100)The banner image selected by the donor. 
SelectedMergeCodeNVARCHAR(200)The merge code selected by the donor.
InvoiceRefINTThe Invoice Reference Num of the original gift, used to join in additional information about the gift via other tables. Or, use the vcsi_iDonate_Tribute_Data view for a combined tribute view containing iMIS single tributes and CSiDonate multiple tributes.
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