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Viewing a Workflow

From the Workflow Dashboard, click on a workflow tile to view its details.

  1. Workflow Menu

    1. View Info – Click to view technical details about the workflow.

    2. Edit – Click to open the workflow editor to edit this workflow.

    3. Run – Run the workflow as a one-off / test run.

    4. Export – Download the workflow as an exported file to your computer.

    5. Clone – Copies the current workflow configuration into a new, separate workflow.

    6. Enabled – Click to toggle this workflow being enabled or disabled. (Note: Changing this option will take effect immediately - you do not need to save the page after.)

    7. Delete – Permanently deletes the workflow. This action is not recommended, as it cannot be undone. It is instead recommended to disable the workflow.

  2. Definition Overview – This section displays a summary of the trigger and actions in the workflow.

  3. Runs – This section displays runs sorted by newest first. Press the Refresh button to refresh the view.

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