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Technical Capabilities


This article outlines the general technical capabilities and limitations of the iTransfer .

Generally speaking, this is a non-exhaustive list of the ways in which iTransfer can, and cannot, transmit and receive data via its endpoints.

Inbound Webhooks

For more information, refer to the Inbound Webhooks overview

Inbound webhooks are HTTP POST requests made to a specific endpoint.

Supported Formats and Parameters

(tick) Request Body: JSON Object

(tick) HTTP Method: POST

(tick) Authorization: None (Webhook URL itself is secure/obfuscated)

Unsupported Formats and Parameters

(error) Request Body: JSON Array, JSON Primitives

(error) Request Body: XML, YAML, Other data/file formats

(error) HTTP Method: GET, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, etc.

(error) Authorization: Bearer token, API key, etc.

To send in multiple records, instead of using a JSON array, call the webhook endpoint multiple times.

Outbound Transfer Jobs

For more information, refer to the Outbound Jobs overview. 

Outbound transfer jobs are scheduled jobs that (optionally) take data from a source system and send it to one or more destination system(s).

Supported Formats and Methods

(tick) Connection Type: HTTP, FTP, FTPS, SFTP

(tick) Data Format: JSON, CSV, TSV, Other Delimited or Flat File



(tick) HTTP Headers: Any

(tick) Authorization: Static Bearer Token or API Key

(tick) Query String: Static (Any values, entered as part of Request URL)


(tick) Basic Authentication

(tick) No Authentication

(tick) (FTP) Passive File Transfer Mode

(tick) (FTP) Active File Transfer Mode

(tick) (FTPS) SSL/TLS Support

Unsupported Formats and Methods

(error) Connection Type: SCP, AS2, MFT, SMTP, SMB/CIFS/NFS

(error) Data Format: XML/SOAP, YAML, BSON, EML/MSG


(error) HTTP Body: Multipart Form Data

(error) HTTP Authorization: OAuth2 / Temporary Auth Token

(error) HTTP Method: HEAD, custom HTTP verbs

(error) HTTP: WebDAV support

(error) HTTP: Read/Consume Response Body


(error) Non-Line Break Record Delimiters (any other value besides LF or CR LF).

(error) Non-printable Field Delimiters (any ASCII value between \x00 and \x20, except \x09 TAB).


(error) SFTP Public Key Authentication

(error) Host Key Filtering

(error) Dynamic Filenames

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