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Relationships Tutorial



EMS Compatible


iMIS 2017 Compatible


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Insert, Insert with Matching, Update, Insert & Update, Delete


This article shares details on how to work with relationships. Additional details about deleting relationships can be found in the Delete Action Tutorial .


Required Fields

  • iMIS ID – The ID of the record with the relationship.

  • Relationship Type – A valid relationship type from iMIS.

  • Target iMIS ID – The ID that the primary ID has the relationship with. The relationship will appear on the target iMIS ID’s if the reciprocal type field is mapped.

Optional Fields

The following fields may not always be applicable. For example, a parent/child relationship would not necessarily have an end date.

  • Reciprocal Type – How the target ID relates to the primary iMIS ID field (e.g., the relationship type of parent of would have a reciprocal type of child of).

  • Begin Date - The start date of the relationship.

  • End Date - The end date of the relationship.

  • Title - The title of the relationship.

Example Screenshot and Spreadsheet

Example file for Relationships:

Example mappings for Relationships:

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