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iDMS iUpdate


⛔ None


✳️ Any (JSON) (Passthrough)

(plus) iDMS iUpdate Job Status (string)


The iDMS iUpdate action will execute a stored iUpdate task.

Optionally, you may wait for the iUpdate task to complete before continuing on to the next action in the workflow.

Passing Data

(tick) You may pass parameters from iWorkflow into iUpdate (treated as IQA parameters).

(error) You may not pass data back from iUpdate into iWorkflow directly.

➡️ However, you may use iUpdate to stage data in a panel and use the Fetch IQA Data action to retrieve the data that iUpdate stored there.

Output Data Schema

If you specify an Output Property, the iDMS iUpdate task information will be available at the property name you specified. For instance, if you name your output property “iUpdateResult”, then your workflow data pipeline will look similar to this:

  /* ... other pipeline properties here... */
  "iUpdateResults": {
    "ExecuteId": "c0bac7f3-0000-4806-0000-f41a109e5c12",
    "ImportId": 12345678,
    "Status": "D",
    "StatusDescription": "Success",
    "PercentComplete": 100,
    "RowCount": 1,
    "LastUpdatRow": 0,
    "CreatedOn": "2024-06-25T16:56:38.95",
    "UpdatedOn": "2024-06-25T16:56:45.457",
    "ExecutionCount": 1,
    "CurrentErrorCount": 0,
    "TotalErrorCount": 0,
    "PollingUrl": null,
    "RetryAfter": "00:00:00"

Note: The output data may differ, depending on if you have selected the Wait For Completion option or not. For example, if Wait For Completion is off, then the RowCount will always be 0, since it’s not possible to get the row count without waiting for the task to finish.






iUpdate Job



Select an iUpdate Task from the dropdown.

iUpdate Tasks can be viewed and managed by going to the top menu and selecting iUpdate > Tasks.




Optional. Specify parameters to pass to the iUpdate job. Similar to the parameter settings on iUpdate webhooks, you must know the correct filter/property name to pass into the IQA.

🅾️ Output Property



Optional. To store the resulting value that was parsed from the Activation Expression field, specify a property name here. The parsed value (e.g. true or false) will be written to this property.

Wait for Completion



If checked, this action will wait until the iUpdate task is completed before moving on to the next action in the workflow.

Fail on No Records



Only available when Wait for Completion is enabled. If checked, will cause this step to fail if no records were processed. You may use Sequencing and Flow Control settings to perform different actions if no records were processed.

Fail on iUpdate Error



If checked, this action will fail if the iUpdate job encounters an error or otherwise fails.

View the task status on the iDMS dashboard by going to iUpdate > Dashboard in the top nav.

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