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iDMS Dashboard

Accessing the iDMS Dashboard

To access the iDMS dashboard, you can click “Dashboard” on the side-menu. Once you are navigating the iDMS module, you may also click “iDMS Dashboard” on the top of the screen.

iDMS Dashboard at a Glance

Navigation within iDMS

  • Shortcuts to iImport Cloud, iUpdate Cloud, and iSchedule,

  • A link to task Templates where job templates can be managed or imported.

  • A link to default job Settings where the global settings for job options can be set. (Note: updating the default settings will only affect future jobs and will not update existing job templates.) This is also where the iDMS cache may be cleared.

  • A link to About which will display the Cloud ID, user and product information.

Dashboard Cards

These Dashboard Cards include overview information for:

  • Completed Imports - Jobs that have run to a successful completion.

  • Partial Imports - Jobs that had both successful completions and issues with some records while running.

  • Failed Imports - Jobs that had an issue while running.

  • Pending Import - Jobs that will run soon.

  • Active Imports - Jobs that a user started to setup but either abandoned or will be finishing at a later point. These jobs have not been submitted.

  • Recurring Jobs - Jobs that have been built to run on a schedule. 

Job History

There are two tabs for viewing Job History, Recurring Jobs and Import History.

Recurring Jobs

Allow you to see the last job history of recurring jobs for quick review. Select View More -> to filter jobs.

See Screenshot of Recurring Jobs Page

Import History

Click on the Import History tab to see the history of all jobs. Click View More -> to see more details and to filters on jobs. Additionally, there is an Updated from date filter parameter that can be used to narrow the results of the job histories.

See Screenshot of Import History Page

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