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Credentials Tutorial



EMS Compatible


iMIS 2017 Compatible


Usage Notes

iMIS 2017 is only able to unlock user accounts, not create credentials. Credentials are not able to be updated if already existing.

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Insert, Insert with Matching, Update, Insert & Update, Delete


You can create credentials for new or existing iMIS records using the User Credentials source. Existing records must not already have User Credentials to create them. Additional details about deleting User Credentials can be found in the Delete Action Tutorial.

Updating User Credentials Not Supported

User Credentials are not able to be updated. The Update function is used for locking and unlocking user accounts.

Create User Credentials for an Existing ID

When creating user credential for an existing iMIS ID, the ID must have an email associated and must not have credentials already created.

Required Fields

  • iMIS ID - the ID of the user whose credentials are being created.

Optional Fields

  • Username - The username to be assigned.

  • Password - The password to be assigned.

  • Unlock User Account - Used for unlocking (or locking) the user account.

Unsupported Fields

The following fields are not currently supported via iDMS and/or the iMIS REST API:

  • Effective Date - Date to start allowing the user to login.

  • Expiration Dates - Date to stop allowing the user to login and expires their account.

  • Disabled Flag - Whether the user’s account is disabled.

View Example Spreadsheet and Mappings

Create Credentials While Inserting a New User

Required Fields

  • First name - First name of the new user.

  • Last name - Last name of the new user.

  • Email - Email of the new user.

  • Username - Username for the new user.

  • Password - Password for the new user.

View Example Mapping

Requirements for Creating User Credentials

Only first and last name are required to create a new user. When creating user credentials, email is also required.

Please remember, another option for creating credentials on existing records with emails is to use this checkbox option under iMIS Settings > Contacts > Account Management, and this is useful in both iMIS EMS as well as iMIS 2017. 


Unlock User Accounts in iMIS EMS

The Update Action is used for unlocking User Accounts

One use case is to use an IQA Query to find all locked out accounts and use iUpdate to unlock all of them.

iMIS EMS Mappings

  • Match On iMIS ID

  • Map "Unlock User Accounts" to True/T/Y/Yes/1

View Example Mapping


Locking User Accounts is not supported at this time.

Unlocking User Accounts in iMIS 2017

For iMIS 2017, you can unlock locked out user accounts with the Update action. Use the UserData panel under Business Object Definitions source - you'll need to type UserData into the field for Business Object Definition.

One use case is to use an IQA Query to find all locked out accounts and use iUpdate to unlock all of them.

iMIS 2017 Mappings

  • Match On iMIS ID

  • Create a mapping to the "Is Locked Out" field from UserData with the value 0/F/False/N/No

View Example Mapping

This is different from iMIS EMS, where you use "1/True" to unlock.

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