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Activities Tutorial



EMS Compatible


iMIS 2017 Compatible


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Insert, Insert with Matching, Update, Insert & Update, Delete



This article shares details on how to work with activity data.


Required Fields

  • iMIS ID - The ID of the person who did the activity

  • Activity Type - The type of Activity

Optional Fields

Recommended Optional Fields:

  • Transaction Date

  • Product Code (also known as Subtype)

The other fields are dependent on the activity type and their descriptions will be listed.

Finding Optional Fields
  1. Navigate to Settings > Contacts > Activity Types

  1. Select your Activity Type. The fields available will have text in them. In the example below, Subtype (Product Code)NoteSourceUF_1, 2, 3, and Description are optional fields.

Mapping Notes

Matching on Activity Sequence
If you are UpdatingInsert/Updating, or Deleting, the Sequence Number (SEQN) field is available for matching. It is highly recommended to match on these fields, as updating without a sequence could update all activities for the ID, and deleting without a SEQN will delete all activities for the ID.

Default iMIS Activity Types
Avoid importing built-in IMIS activity types that are system generated.  These include Order, Sales, Gift, Pledge, Certification, Dues, Expo, Refund, and others.

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