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On the Licensing tab, you can see the current status of your license key for CSiDonate.

The following fields are displayed:

  • License Status

    • (tick) Valid

    • (error) Missing

    • (error) Expired

  • Licensed Modules (please see below)

  • Licensed To

  • Expiration Date (typically set to 1/2/2050 or some date in the distant future)

If you suspect that your license key is incorrect for any reason, please reach out to so that we can review or issue you an updated key!


CSiDonate has the following license types.

Refer to the CSiDonate version comparison page for an overview of the different product versions.


CSiDonate Basic includes the core CSiDonate fundraising platform, payment processing via iMIS, custom styles and receipts, and more.


CSiDonate Plus includes everything in Basic, plus these additional modules (visible on the Licensing page):

  • Recurring Donations (via BluePay)

  • ACH Payment support (via BluePay)

  • Rapid Entry


The CSiDonate Crowdfunding module is new in CSiDonate 2.10.x and includes a number of enhancements to support large-scale crowdfunding campaigns, including:

  • A customizable Giving Dashboard

  • Campaign Ambassadors

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