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Editing Media

File Manager

Editing MediaEditing StylesheetsEditing Templates


This article outlines how to edit media files within the CSiDonate File Manager.


When editing media, you may edit the following properties:

  • File Name: Choose a new name for the file. You cannot edit the file extension – it is automatically generated.

    If you update the file name, any permalinks that use the old file name will issue a 302 Redirect to the new file name. The File ID will not change

  • Cache Lifetime: See the section on Caching in File Manager.

  • Update File: Use this field to upload a new version of the file, e.g. a replacement image or video.

File Size Upload Limit

Each individual media file cannot exceed 20 MB.

If you get an error when uploading a file smaller than this, please first ensure that your System Overview page does not have any web.config warnings or errors at the bottom of the screen.

If there are no web.config warnings, and you still cannot upload a file smaller than 20 MB, please contact CSI support.


Deleting a media file is permanent. Any other items (templates, settings, stylesheets) that link to this media file will be broken until you update those links to point elsewhere.

A deleted media file's GUID cannot be recovered, unless a database backup or similar snapshot is restored.

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