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Adding Analytics Tags to CSiDonate


This article will show you how to add analytics tracking tags to CSiDonate pages so that you can gather marketing and analytics data from CSiDonate.


Have an analytics account already set up, and have your tracking code (sometimes referred to as a JavaScript snippet or HTML snippet) ready to copy and paste into CSiDonate.

Known Compatible Analytics Tools

The following analytics tools have been confirmed working with CSiDonate:

Are you successfully using an analytics tool not listed here? Contact CSI Support and let us know so that we can add it to the list!

Google Analytics Instructions

You should already have your GA4 web stream measurement ID. To learn how to create a new one, or retrieve your existing one, refer to the Google Analytics documentation here.

Navigate to the CSiDonate Admin area and select System Settings > Social.

Enter your GA4 measurement (web stream) ID into the settings field:

Then click Save.

Tracking Individual Pages

The following pages can be tracked with analytics tools:

The following pages cannot be tracked:

  • Any page in the Admin Area

  • Rapid Entry pages PLUS

  • Error pages

You should only insert the page tracking code (e.g. gtag(...);) into a content block. Do not include the full <script> tag. This is handled automatically for you by providing your 

Recommended Content Blocks

To track specific pages, use these content blocks:

Giving Forms

Under Text and Content > Content Blocks, use the Footer Content block (under the Donation Form header).

On-screen Receipt

Under Text and Content > Content Blocks, use the Footer Content block (under the Receipt header).

Giving Dashboard

Under Text and Content > Giving Dashboard, use the Footer Content block (under the Dashboard Page header).

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