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Finance Information

This page outlines the financial settings and behaviors of QuickPay.

Batch Selection

iMIS Quickpay first attempts an invoice payment without an explicit batch. This allows iMIS EMS to automatically select or create the appropriate batch using internal iMIS business logic.

This scenario accounts for over 99% of all payments.

How can I identify an iMIS auto-created batch?

Auto-created batches will have a “Description” of Auto-Created for XXXX, replacing “XXXX” with the username of your CSI Cloud Background Account. The “Created By” field will also be set to this user.

In rare cases, it is possible that iMIS cannot automatically select or create a new batch. In these cases specifically, iMIS QuickPay will look for a batch that matches the following settings:

  • Batch is open

  • Batch date is today (UTC)

  • Description is “iMIS QuickPay Auto-Created Batch“

  • Created by the Background Account username

If no batch is found in iMIS matching these criteria, a new one is created.

This batch will be used with the invoice payment (“order”).

iMIS QuickPay does not auto-post this batch for you. Ensure that your finance team is aware that these batches will need to be processed manually.

Payment Methods and Payment Method Sets

iMIS QuickPay requires a single payment method to be selected for its transactions.

Payment method sets (and the payment method set dropdown) are not supported at this time, and using a split payment method per credit card is also not supported.

Additionally, it is not currently possible to limit the card type(s) accepted by specifically QuickPay. If you do not want to accept certain credit card types, you will need to work with ASI to apply this preference globally to your iMIS Pay account.

Our recommendation for iMIS Pay payments is to create a single payment method in iMIS of type “Credit Card”, called “QUICKPAY” or “QP”, and use this for your iMIS QuickPay payments. This will allow you to create an IQA query to identify which transactions specifically were entered into iMIS via QuickPay.

To build an IQA query for QuickPay specific payments, use the PaymentSummary business object and in the “Payment Method ID” enter the selected payment method set.

Because we use the iMIS Pay Central SDK, we have no control over the credit card number, credit card type, or how it’s authorized and processed.

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