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Troubleshooting and Known Limitations


This article explains common troubleshooting steps, as well as known connector limitations for the iMIS connector for Power Automate.

Known Limitations


  • When fetching multiple pages, your results will always be in multiples of 200 records, due to limitations with pagination in the iMIS API. For example, if you request 225 records, you will actually receive up to 400 records.

    • You can use other Power Automate actions, such as a loop or custom code, in order to further refine the results to the correct number of records, if your business case requires it.

  • When updating records, any fields that are left blank in the action will not be altered. To explicitly "blank out" a field, insert an empty string ('') using an expression. Example:


  • Triggering a workflow when an activity or order is updated or deleted in iMIS is not currently supported. Only record creation ("inserts") cause the trigger to fire.

  • The iMIS triggers do not have any filters, however you can use the built-in Power Automate Trigger Conditions to only run your workflow for certain activity types or order categories, for example. You can find examples of this on our Action and Trigger Reference page.

Panels and Business Objects

  • Not all business objects are listed in the dropdown. However, if you select "Enter custom value", and manually enter the name of a valid business object (e.g. "CsOrderLines" or "NetContactBasic"), the connector will populate the correct list of fields for you. This is supported on Find and Get operations only.

  • Updating or deleting records using a business object is not supported by iMIS, and therefore also not supported by the iMIS connector. (Panel records can still be updated and deleted normally.)

  • (iMIS 2017 Only) A known bug in iMIS 2017 causes the response from Action: Create a multi-instance panel record to not return the Ordinal field. The value is always "0".


  • Updating other addresses besides the "Mailing" address purpose is not supported at this time.

  • Updating or deleting a contact's photo is not supported at this time.

  • When creating a person or an organization, if you manually supply a member type code that is different than the type of object you are creating, iMIS will create the record type that matches the member type, which will cause the results of the action in Power Automate to be inaccurate.

    • For example, if you use the "Create a person" action and manually specify a company member type, such as "CM", the record that is created will actually be an Organization record in iMIS, but the response data in the action will attempt to be mapped (incorrectly) to a Person record.


  • Deleting activity records is not supported at this time.


401 Unauthorized

If you receive a 401 Unauthorized error when calling an iMIS connector action, this can be due to one of many issues:

  • Invalid API key

  • Cloud ID account setup is incomplete

  • Background Account is not valid

Inspect the 401 error response in Power Automate and look for a response header called X-CSI-Error-Msg. This code will identify the issue. If you need further assistance, please contact CSI Support.

500 Internal Server Error

If you receive a 500 Internal Server Error, it is likely that an error has occurred from within the iMIS REST API. Inspect the response body. If there is a Message property, it will contain the iMIS API path, as well as the error message. If you need further assistance, please contact CSI Support.

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