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Action: Create a multi-instance panel record

Creates a new record in a multi-instance panel source.

Business Object Limitation

While Business Objects can be used with the Get a multi-instance panel record action or the Find panel records action, updating business objects is not allowed by iMIS. Attempting to use this action to update a business object will result in an error.


Panel Name: The name of the panel or business object to fetch.

(Panel Fields): Dynamically populated fields from the panel which can be updated.

(Parent Key): Dynamic prompt for the "parent" key for this panel/business object.


  • Id / ContactKey: The iMIS ID


  • EventKey: The event key / code


  • Standalone panels do not have a "parent" primary key.


(Panel Fields): The resulting panel record (after being created).

iMIS 2017 Compatibility Warning

A known issue in iMIS causes the Ordinal output field to always be set to "0".


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