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Getting Started with Power Automate


This guide will get you up and running with Power Automate in no time!

This guide assumes that this is the first time you are setting up the iMIS connector within Power Automate. If you or someone else in your environment has previously used the iMIS connector, some of these steps may not be applicable.

1. Verify Prerequisites

Review the iMIS connector prerequisites and complete any missing steps.

2. Obtain your API Key

Read our guide on Obtaining your API Key from your CSI Cloud Dashboard.

3. Create or Edit a Power Automate Workflow

Create a new workflow, or edit an existing one.

Search for, and select the "iMIS" connector from the connector list.

4. Create a New Connection

After selecting the iMIS connector for the first time, you should be prompted to create a new connection.

Refer to our Connection Management guide for how to use your CSI API Key to create a new connection in Power Automate.

5. Start Automating

Once your connection is established, you can now use the iMIS connector in your workflows to connect to thousands of other online apps and services!

Happy automating!

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