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Custom Connector Installation



This article is ONLY if you need to install the iMIS connector as a Custom Connector in your environment. Only certain specialized Power Platform environments will require the use of these steps.

You will probably want to use the iMIS connector available in the Microsoft connector marketplace instead, as it does not require any manual installation. Check with your IT department, MSP, or Power Platform expert before proceeding.

Installation Steps

Navigate to the Power Automate homepage.

(Optional) Ensure that the correct environment is selected from the Environment selector in the right side of the top navigation bar.

In the side navigation, expand the Data menu and select Custom Connectors.

In the upper-right corner, click New custom connector, and select Import an OpenAPI from URL.

In the box that appears, enter iMIS for the connector name, and use the following link for the URL field:

First, click Import, then click Continue.

The following screen will appear. You must manually fill out two fields, the rest of the information is pre-populated for you.

  1. Download (right-click and "Save Image As...") the following image:

    1. Upload this image into Power Automate by clicking the blue Upload button.

  2. Enter the value #FCFCFE (including the pound symbol) for the Icon background color value.

Do not click "Next". You do not need to proceed through Steps 2 through 5 in order to save the connector. (The data import above has pre-populated Steps 2 through 5, and any alterations to the configuration on those screens will render the connector unusable.)

Finally, click the Update connector button in the upper-right corner.

You should see a message saying (tick) Custom connector has been successfully updated. (or similar)

You may now proceed to the next step, Obtaining your API Key, or if you have already done so, simply use your custom connector in any workflow!

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