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iEmail Cloud Mobile Setup

Microsoft Outlook App


iEmail Cloud must first be installed and configured via Outlook on the Web or via the full Outlook Desktop. See the iEmail Cloud Installation Guide for further instructions.


Currently, only read mode is supported with the Outlook mobile app for iOS and Android. This means:

  • Reading an incoming email and saving it to iMIS IS supported.

  • Composing an outgoing email and saving it to iMIS IS NOT supported at this time, due to limitations with the Outlook mobile app.

  • Saving a sent email to iMIS IS supported, meaning although you can't save drafts, you can save the email after it is sent.

Using Read Mode with the Outlook App

Note: Screenshots depict iOS app, however instructions are the same for the Android app.

  1. Open an existing email message to read, and click the "•••" menu in the upper-right corner.

2. Select the iEmail Cloud add-in from the add-ins list.

3. Use the iEmail Cloud add-in like you would on a desktop computer.

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