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Using iDMS to Send Emails Via PA+



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This page details how iDMS and iMIS’s Process Automation+ (PA+) can be used in tandem to send emails after an iDMS task is run. This involves creating a panel, using the panel in a PA+ task, and modifying iDMS tasks to update the panel. The PA+ task will then send an email based on the updated panel.

In this example, PA+ will be used to send an email to users who have had their accounts recently unlocked.

Creating the Panel

The official iMIS documentation on creating panels can be found here.

Under Rise > Panel Designer > Panel definitions, click on “Add panel definition”.

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Create the panel such that it will display the information required for the task to execute properly. This may require some creativity. In this example, the panel must contain the iMIS ID of those whose accounts are unlocked and the date they were unlocked on.

Add iMIS ID via the CsContact source

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Add the Unlocking Date by creating a source then adding a property with type “Date”.

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There are no special characters (e.g. spaces) allowed in the source name


Creating the IQA Query

Use the Panel as the source

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Use the “Unlock_Date” (or similarly named property) being “Greater Equal” than @date to select all “Unlock_Date” dates that are the current date (e.g. if today is June 28th, the query will return all Unlock Dates that are from today).

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Creating the PA+ Task

Navigate to RiSE > Process Automation and select “Add new task”.

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Add a trigger for the schedule of the task. In this example, for how the IQA query is set up, it should run daily. The time it runs at should be after the workday is over, otherwise any accounts unlocked after the scheduled time will not have an email sent to them. Make sure to ensure the task is enabled in order for it to run.

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Under Conditions, select the aforementioned query.

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Under Actions, select Add action. Then, select IQA as the recipient data source and New communication to create the email that will be sent.

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Click save and exit.

Running the iDMS Task

When running the iDMS Task perform all normal mappings. Include two extra mappings for the panel. Map the iMIS ID to the iMIS ID and use the current date for the Unlock Date. This will update the panel, which will update in the IQA query, which will be used in the PA task to send an email to these IDs.

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