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Troubleshooting iTransfer

Issue: Getting an Error saying "Ambiguous match found."

This is due to the IQA Query used in iTransfer as a column named "Item"

Issue: Performance Issues with iTransfer Jobs

Make sure to check the following:

  • SELECT DISTINCT is NOT enabled in the IQA Query

  • "NOLOCK" should be used for increased iMIS performance while iTransfer jobs are running

  • No visible "Prompt" filters - only use internal filters (Prompt = None)

  • All columns should have Alias

    • Do note use "Item"

    • "Hidden" columns (starting with underscores) are not actually "hidden" in iTransfer so if you don't want a column, just don't include it

  • Sorting in the IQA Query causes performance issues

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Be sure to test the IQA both using the "Run" tab and the "Report" tab to ensure performance is good, and verify the number of total records matches what you expect

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