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Membership Counts By Day



EMS Compatible


iMIS 2017 Compatible


Usage Notes

Get member counts daily. Works best with iSchedule

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ImportImport & Update

1. Create a Panel 

Panels are found under RiSE > Panel Designer > Add Paned Definition

Title the Panel "MembershipCountsByDay" (or something similar)

Under MemberCounts, select all Member Types you want to include in your count as well as the Day field

Save and Exit

View screenshot

2. Create an IQA Query

Name the query "Member Counts by Day" or something similar.

NetContactData is the only source required

For filters, add all member types added in the panel

The Display requires minor use of SQL, primarily "sum(CASE WHEN MemberType='A' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)" for each member type. For the Member Type property, the function will be set to Count and Alias will be "code_membertype".  See screenshot

View screenshot


Note the way the current date is called (through iMIS). This method will have the time be in local time. Otherwise, the time would be in UTC, which could be converted

If done correctly, when the Query is ran it will produce one line with member counts of each type

View screenshot

 3. Perform an Insert in iUpdate Cloud (Insert & Update if you will update multiple times a day) 

Use the IQA Query you just made

Map the Panel you created using the Panel Data source

Map all fields except Ordinal

View screenshot

Run the Job OR, using iSchedule, schedule the task to run daily to track the member counts each day

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