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Gifts Tutorial



EMS Compatible


iMIS 2017 Compatible


Usage Notes

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A sample file for importing gifts –

All available fields can be found in the fundraising source –

Field Mappings

Gift Item Id MUST be the id of an already existing item. iDMS WILL NOT create a new item. Payment Method Id MUST be the id of an already existing payment method in iMIS. iDMS WILL NOT create a new payment method.

If you do not map GIFT DATE when importing, it will be set to the Transaction Date.

You can allow a person's full name as a Tribute (Tribute Name). without having to be an iMIS ID.

Credit Card Payment Type

iDMS DOES NOT currently support importing gifts using a payment method of type Credit Card. As a work around, it is recommended to create a payment type of type Cash and title it in a way that indicates it was an imported credit card gift.

A sample mapping for importing gifts –

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