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Event Registration Tutorial



EMS Compatible


iMIS 2017 Compatible


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Event Registrations can be inserted in bulk using this functionality in iDMS. At this time, you are only allowed to insert new event registrations.

Caution: Note on Duplicate Registrations

The iMIS API does not check for duplicate registrations. If you register twice using iDMS, you WILL need to contact ASI to have this corrected. Double check your registration list before importing.

Select Event Registration from the Sources dropdown menu:

Required Fields

  • Registrant ID - The iMIS ID that is registering for the event.

  • Event Code - This code determines the overall event that the ID will register for (general). Found under the "Info" tab.

  • Function Code - This code determines the registration option that the ID will register for (specific). Found under the "Pricing" tab > Registration options. Event functions can also be referred to as program items.

Finding Event and Function Codes

Event Code

1. After selecting the event using "Find events" on the sidebar, click the pencil icon

2. The Event code should be listed on the "Info" tab

Function Code

1. After selecting the event using "Find events" on the sidebar, click the pencil icon

2. Select the "Pricing" tab, then the desired Registration Option. Alternatively, you can create a new Registration Option 

3. The Function Code will be found as the "Registration Option Code"

Optional Fields

  • Price - The price this person will be paying. If left unmapped, they will pay the default price.

    • Although price is not a required field in iDMS, the registration option does need to have an associated price in iMIS for the import to work correctly.

  • Registered By ID - The ID that registered this person.

  • Bill To ID - The ID being billed for this event registration.

  • Wait list - If the Registration Option is at capacity, this will determine if they will join the wait list.

  • Question's Index - The index of the question answered (see below).

  • Question's Response - The response to the question.

Multiple Program Items

If you need to import multiple program items (i.e., function codes) and need them to appear under one registration, your Excel file will need multiple rows with the different function codes. The registrant ID and event code would be duplicated for those rows.

Example Excel With Multiple Function Codes

For Event AM2024, iMIS ID 1234 will have a single registration but will have multiple program items (for functions/items DAY1 and DAY2)

Importing Questions

Question responses can only be imported for the questions under Registration Options. General questions for the whole event or for specific programs are not able to be imported at this time. 

The question index always starts at the top with 1 and represents the question number position. You can get the question index number by querying the FormDefinitionFieldData source for those numbers.

Question Formats.

  • Yes/No Questions. Accepts responses of Yes/yes/Y or No/no/N.

  • Dropdown Questions. Take all responses (even if the response is not in the dropdown).

Sample of Question Index

It is recommended to perform a test import to confirm the indexes are correct, so mapped responses import correctly.

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